In my clinical practice, I have treated many patients that are being treated for Type 2 Diabetes. They are taking tablets like metformin and may be on insulin therapy. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic illness that is rather insidious in nature. It takes a few years of high blood sugars before you start to see the damaging effects of high blood sugar.

Complications of Diabetes:

The patient may present with numbness, tingling or burning in their feet. They may develop chest pains and be told they have coronary artery disease. They may see the eye doctor for changes in their vision and find out they have damage to their retina from the high blood sugars. Many patients in my practice are frustrated that I would need to add on another medication to control their every spiraling out of control diabetes, but at the same time, they are not making concrete efforts to improve their blood sugar control.

Medical equipment used for Type 2 Diabetes

Commit to a healthy lifestyle:

As the physician, my goal is to optimize their health by modifying factors in their life that are changeable. The overall goal is reversing diabetes to the point that no medication is required. Truthfully it takes a mindset change from the patient’s side to commit to concrete healthy lifestyle changes. Not everyone is willing to do this. For those that are willing to do this, I am here to help and guide them in their journey.

Living a healthy well-balanced life: the journey starts today.

Get rid of junk food!

The best diet for a diabetic is to eliminate the junk food: yes, this means the fried foods, the take out foods, the sweets, and the sodas. The patient needs to limit the carbs, eat a low glycemic diet that has moderate protein intake and increase the brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables. So the keyword is low glycemic, but what does that mean?

What does insulin do in your body?

Think of glycemic as “How quickly does my food become the basic unit of sugar?” If it becomes sugar quickly, then my pancreas will be stimulated to secrete insulin. Insulin’s job is to take the sugar and put it into storage in the abdominal fat. The problem is that if you eat a diet rich in fast food then it is going to be a high glycemic diet. This means the food quickly becomes sugar, your pancreas is stimulated, insulin is secreted and you make excess abdominal fat.

Think of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus as the pancreas is on strike

The Beta cells of the Pancreas stop working due to working too hard.

Give your pancreas a chance to rest

Your pancreas really does not like to work hard. Eventually the beta cells that secrete insulin stop working. In fact, you can think of it more as ‘they go on strike’. If you allow the beta cells some rest, they can actually resume working and be able to function at near normal levels. This means that if you reduce your carb heavy, fast food heavy diet, your pancreas can actually rest and you could reverse diabetes. You could quite literally kick diabetes in the behind and never need medication again.

Change your diet, lower your blood sugar

Changing your diet and lowering your blood sugar level to normal levels does not reverse the damage already done. This means that you cannot reverse the nerve damage, the kidney damage, the blood vessel damage or the eye damage. No, that is there to stay, but you can prevent further damage. Changing your diet means you can get off unnecessary medications, you can prevent end-organ damage and you can start living a healthy life!

Start living a healthy life

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