About Dr Lynell Newmarch

Dr. Newmarch graduated from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA  in 2010. She pursued Internal Medicine Residency at UCLA – Olive View Medical Centre in California.

She is board certified in Internal Medicine through the American Board of Internal Medicine. She has clinical experience as an academic Hospitalist in Hawaii and community Hospitalist and primary care Internal Medicine physician in Florida.

Through her clinical practice, she has found that many of the chronic illnesses such as Diabetes Mellitus Type 2,  High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Obesity  are managed with medications without the patient attempting to work on their lifestyle.  These illnesses can be improved or even possibly eliminated by optimizing their lifestyle issues.  If you are frustrated with your health and know that it could be better, Dr Newmarch can help you by improving on your nutrition, helping you to lose weight by determining a specific diet regimen for your health concern, working on optimising your lab work  and starting an exercise regimen. Her goal is to help you get off unnecessary medications and recapture your life.

There are a few factors behind why people continue with bad habits and she tries to help by explaining the pathophysiology behind the illness and the consequences in a concierge virtual interaction using a skype format.

It is her hope that with evidenced based information that is easy to understand, the patient may make a commitment to themselves and start enjoying a healthy, more productive life.